Allied Water

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  • The British Labour Party warns that losing some modern languages from schools could negatively effect the nation’s economy.

    Recently, exam boards in the United Kingdom announced plans to remove qualifications in languages including Portuguese and Turkish.

    While shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt is now urging to make sure those languages are not lost from curriculum, the British government says that the reforms do not stop school boards developing qualifications in any language they chose.

    Labour in recent announcements by OCR and AQA pointeed out the subjects they would still offer at GCSE and A-level and those they would discontinue.

    The OCR is considering to drop GCSEs and A-levels in Turkish, Portuguese, Persian, Gujarati and Dutch.

    Mr Hunt to the press: “Precisely at the time we need to be harnessing our entrepreneurial capital and soft power in the new emerging economies, the government’s actions will lead to fewer young people being able to take A-Levels in Portuguese, Turkish, Gujarati and Punjabi”.

    He is urging that those subjects are not to be last from the education system in the UK.

    More exports and cheaper oil help Great Britain’s deficits fall to its narrowest in over 40 years. According to several experts, this is another sign of improvement for what is otherwise the U.K.’s weak spot.

    At the beginning of the year, in January, the trade deficit in the UK dropped to £660 million. This is less then 30% of what it was the previous month according to recent official numbers.

    An economist with HSBC, Simon Wells said to the press: “Although the headline trade deficit has clearly been flattered by the fall in the oil price, the underlying volumes picture was favourable in January.”

    As a result of the shrinking deficit, the pound likewise rose against the dollar. This comes after a 20 month low overnight with investors speculating on interest rates in the United States to increase.

    The pound rose against the dollar after the data, having hit a 20-month low overnight as investors bet on a U.S. interest rate hike coming soon.

    What’s helping out Britain’s exporters is the current recovery of the economy in the United States as well as signs that the Eurozone might be getting better.

    In the three months to January, British exports rose by nearly 6% as compared with the previous three months. The import of goods increased by 2% at the same time.

    Experts from the ONS pointed out that the export of services hit a record high this January.

    The UK’s latest economy news are brought to you by Mansys, your specialist for affordable export management software.


    British-currencyOne of London’s most influential figures has warned that the Eurozone is unviable and that a potential British exit from the European Union will damage the UK economy.

    Prominent fund manager Neil Woodford said in a public statement that the mere prospect of a referendum over a potential UK exit from the EU would be enough to slam the brakes on international investments.

    Conservatives in the nation have promised this vote as soon as next year. According to Mr Woodford it will have a very negative effect.

    The fund manager to the press this past Monday : “It’s a gut feel that investors will definitely have to impute a higher level of uncertainty with respect to the future of the economy, [and] the currency. All those things will have an effect on investment.”

    In addition to that Mr Woodford thinks that Britain’s current position in the EU is no longer tenable.

    He stated that the UK must make up its mind whether it wants to be a fully signed up member of the Eurozone not. The nation’s current position with only one foot in the EU  would not be viable in the long-term.

    Cheltenham racecourse sure will be packed again tomorrow. At 1:20pm is the official time when the Cheltenham Festival will start out.

    Horse racing enthusiasts from UK and beyond are looking forward to the big race of the day, the Champion Hurdle. Willie Mullins  with Faugheen is the top favourite.

    Jezki who is the current champion  sets at the 5/1 mark.  According to experts this is a good value for a horse who certainly knows how to perform in this race.

    But there is another hope on the horizon and it comes in the shape of The New One. Can he turn the luck around after a rather unsuccessful previous year? We will see tomorrow at the Cheltenham racecourse!

    Are you still trying to get tickets to the festival or would like to know more about the events to come? Check out the Cheltonham Horse Racing Festival’s official website at /events-tickets/whats-on/the-festival-2015 to learn all about it!

    The above horseracing news are sponsored by The Horse Racing Pro – U.K.’s number one source for horse racing betting!